Belluno - Venice Italy

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Tourism Veneto

Belluno is the only  provincial capital in Veneto Italy in mountain, rises to an altitude of 389 m above sea level in a large basin on the right bank of the Piave River with views of the surrounding mountains. Of pre-Roman origin, was a Longobard center,  and free city in the Middle Ages. Some other Renaissance and Gothic buildings characterize the urban look.
The city boasts some fine monuments such as the Duomo or Cathedral of San Martino, with his rear Campanile, the church of Santo Stefano of Italian Gothic and eighteenth-century church of St. Peter and the sixteenth-century church of San Rocco.
Other notable buildings are the Palace of the Rectors with the Renaissance Civic Tower, the Palace Reviviscar and the Palace of Jurists houses the Museo Civico.
Beautiful walks and excursions, art exhibitions, cultural, folkloric and sports.
Winter sports in the nearby Nevegal.

Veneto Italy - Belluno
Veneto Italy - Belluno
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