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Carnival of Venice 2013

Venice Italy
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A new idea behind the new theme of the Venetian Carnival 2013: LIVE IN COLOUR, to call up the presence of color in the city and its reflections on the water.
Inspired by a citation from John Ruskin, "The purest and most thoughtful minds are those who love the colors.", was presented the Venice Carnival theme for 2013, LIVE IN COLOUR.
A vertigo of color overwhelm all the events that will take place in the lagoon.
All manifestations of this edition, which will take place between 2 and 12 February, starting with the musical performances in St. Mark's Square with a themed evenings by color, the Feast of Marie and the Venetian Feast over the Water will have as theme the colors.
Even the traditional flight of the Angel and Leon will be immersed in a kaleidoscope of colors, which will involve also the closing event of the carnival, the Rowing of Silence, suggestive night parade of boats along the Grand Canal.
The choice of this theme is based on the close connection that there has always been between the city of Venice and the color, especially in the colors of its buildings, and their reflection over the water.
A great tradition of Venetian painters have helped to make Venice, a city of color. Canaletto, Guardi, Bellotto, Tiziano, Giorgione, Bellini, Veronese perfected the art of perspective painting, and painting in color, in the lagoon. It could not be otherwise: there is no city in the world where the color spectrum to give the best of themselves reflected on the water of the canals and the lagoon.
Precisely in St. Mark's Square, the seat of the main events of the Venetian Carnival, is held at the Correr Museum, the exhibition of the works of Francesco Guardi, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary from the birth, which took place in Venice, October 5, 1712.
In the famous landscapes of Venice, who made Guardi famous worldwide, visitors can certainly capture the spectrum of colors that have always characterized the city.
The color of Venice certainly can be found at the Rialto market, where fruit stalls with their colors yellow, orange, green, lively, meet at fish stalls with their gray and blue.
Here you will find the color of the people too, the Venetians, not tourists, the heirs of those who made the city and its carnival famous in the world. The color in Venice can be found in the history and origin of its people, multicultural city par excellence, where once the Turks, Armenians, Arabs, Jews lived, each distinguished by the color of his skin and his clothing, its traditions, but united in a city that let live.
The color of the professions, sailors, merchants, architects, lawyers, fishermen and servants and the color of its books, printed here in enormous quantities after the invention of printing with movable type
The Carnival ends symbolically with Rowing of Silence, a silent night parade of gondolas from the Rialto bridge that reaches sailing the San Marco basin passing along the Grand Canal illuminated by the warm colors of the candles reflected on the water of the canal.
When the procession reaches Punta della Dogana will celebrate a symbolic farewell to Carnival of colors, giving appointment the edition 2014, leaving only to the black of night and the night-black water of the canals of Venice
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