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Poveglia, another island for sale

Venice Italy
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After San Clemente, Saca Sessola, Le Grazie, Santo Spirito, Poveglia could become the next island to be sold to the private in the Venetian lagoon. And, like the previous ones will become inaccessible to all except a privileged few.
The State Property is selling this seven-acre island located in the southern part of the lagoon of Venice. To date the offer more consistent is of 513000 Euros by an unknown group, that,  with a ridiculous amount, not even the cost of a small apartment in the historic center, may win the auction.
A group of Venetians is opposing all this, through the association "Povegliapertuitti" "Poveglia for all" which has already raised € 400,000 through the subscription of EUR 99 individual membership fees.
About half of the subscriptions came from non-Venetian, and many from abroad.
For the association will be difficult to win this battle, but the important thing is, at least, to create awareness that the treasures of the lagoon of Venice are no longer being sold off.

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