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Stop to the trolley suitcase of tourists in Venice

Venice Italy
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The Special Commissioner of the City of Venice Zappalorto approved a provision in the new building regulations against noise pollution produced by trolley suitcase of the tourists.
The groups of tourists who move on foot in the center of Venice, provoke, by dragging their suitcases on wheels, a real noise nuisance when they flap between the stones of the floor (between masegno and masegno in Venetian).
To overcome this drawback, the trolley allowed from May 2015 must have the rubber wheels inflated with air.
Then stop the trolley with plastic wheels and those with solid rubber wheels.
From May 2015 will be inaugurated the Venice Trolley Suitcase, hoping that the manufacturers put these into production.
Even the carts used to transport luggage and cargo will have to adapt to the norm and have rubber wheels inflated with air.
For luggage racks and, for their carts with wheels brand new, promises a significant increase in labor. Probably the majority of tourists will come to Venice with the suitcase with wheels wrong.
Also the budget of the City will benefit, a group of noisy tourists certainly can not go unnoticed, and will be easy to fine them; the city police will turn in wolves awaiting their prey in the woods.
The Venetians are exempt from this rule and will continue to use their old and polluting (acoustically) suitcases on wheels.
To take effect in May, the rule must be approved by the City Council later this year, so the final word has not yet been written, after all we live in the land of the announcements

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