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Venice, reconquest the Arsenal

Venice Italy
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Thanks to America's Cup of sailing and the fact that the headquarters was installed in the Arsenal, the Venetians finalmemte can regain, even temporarily of this space.
In addition to breathe the air of the America's Cup, you can finally enjoy beautifully restored sixteenth spaces, switch between old boats and military pieces, visit the naval museum for free

The area of the arsenal is in fact a military area and is normally closed to the public.
This is a colossal waste, because it is a huge area in the city center not used as it should.
The opening of the Village took place yesterday, Saturday, May 12 was met by a large group participation.
At least 12000 people have crossed the borders of the Arsenal to flow into the Village.
Inside were set up refreshment point, also with Venetian specialties, shops for the sale of clothing and gadgets of the official teams, but also a series of exhibits that is enhanced by the unique context.
In "Tesa 105", for example, there are video projections on the history of the Arsenal and the work of restoration of the area.
The Venetian authorities, with the mayor Orsoni in the head, hope that this unique showcase offers the opportunity to keep the attention of the Arsenal area, preventing it from falling into oblivion soon after the event has finished.
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