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Gondola trip

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The gondola is a typical Venetian boat known throughout the world. Black and asymmetrical shape is led by a gondolier standing by a long oar which works on a "forcola" (crutch).

The price for a gondola trip of about 40 minutes during the day is 80 euros and 100 euros in the night.
For every next 20 minutes after the first 40 minutes, the additional price is 40 € by day and 50 € by night 50.
If you want to save money you can share the ride with other tourists. The price for up to six people is the same.

History of Gondola

The gondola is the typical Venetian boat used to transport people until the advent of motorized vehicles. Today retains its valency folkloristic.
It 'about 11 meters long. width of about 1.50 meters.
Its construction requires approximately one year of work, with the use of about 280 pieces in eight different types of timber. The sites are built where the gondolas are called squeri. The most famous are the Squero San Trovaso and Squero Tramontin.
The gondola is of asymmetric shape with respect to the axis of its length, this is to allow a vogue easier for a single oarsman,using a long oar resting on a crutch called a forcola.
the typical comb or iron in the bow (in Venetian "fero da prova" or dolfin) aims to protect the bow from collision and also as embellishment. Its shape has traditionally meant to represent the six districts of Venice (six teeth facing forward), the Giudecca (​​the tooth pointing backwards) and the Doge's hat, the headband over the higher tooth of the comb is Rialto Bridge, finally, the "S" that starts from the highest point to get to the lowest point of iron is the Grand Canal. In one of several newly built gondolas are also three finish - a kind of embroidery  which represent the three major islands of the Venetian lagoon, the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Gondola -Squero San Trovaso


When you don't find nearby bridges, to cross the Grand Canal, you can use the gondola ferry.
It's a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a new experience.
These are not the classic gondolas, but they are gondola-like boats on which to stand, and governed by two gondoliers and whose purpose is only to cross the Grand Canal.

The points of embarkation and times are as follows:
Fondamente S. Lucia (in front of the railroad station) - Fondamenta San Simeón Piccolo

San Marcuola - Fóndaco dei Turchi (by the Natural History Museum) 9-13 weekdays only

Santa Sofia (near Ca' D'Oro) - Pescaria (fish market) 7:30-20 (holiday 8:45-19)

Riva del Carbòn - Fondamente del Vin 8-13 weekdays only

San Tomà a Ca' Garzoni: Mon-Sat 7,30-20,30; Sun 8,00-19,00.

Ca' Rezzonico a San samuele: Mon-Sat 7,30-13,30.

Salute a Santa Maria del Giglio:  9-18.

Punta della Dogana a S. Marco Vallaresso: 9-14

The ticket price is 70 euro cents each way for residents and 2,00 euro for others.
Compared with the price of tickets ACTV (vaporetto service line) is significantly lower.

Venice gondola ferry
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