Grand Canal Bridges - Venice Italy

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Grand Canal Bridges


Grand Canal Bridges in Venice Italy

Across the Grand Canal, there are only four bridges, one, the Rialto Bridge,  old and famous around the world, the two most recent, the last modern.
When you get in Venice, the first bridge you meet is the Constitution Bridge also called Calatrava Bridge named after its architect, the Spanish Santiago Calatrava. Was inaugurated on September 11th, 2008 to connect Piazzale Roma and the railway station. The bridge has a width of 81 meters and was built of steel and glass
As a curiosity, we can mention that in February 2011 for a joke,  four young men at five in the morning crossed the bridge with a car and parked in Campo San Geremia.

The second bridge you encounter leaving Piazzale Roma is the Scalzi Bridge, also called Station Bridge sand is right opposite the train station.
The bridge is built entirely of stones from Istria and was inaugurated in 1934 to replace an earlier bridge of cast iron.

The next one is the Rialto Bridge (see ....)

The last bridge is The Accademia Bridge. It is built of iron and wood, and in its original installation was built in just 37 days, to replace another bridge designed by the same architect Neville as for the old Scalzi Bridge.
Since the maintenance of the structure of this bridge is very expensive, the City launched a competition for its replacement.

During the feast of Our Lady of Health, held November 21, a votive wooden bridge is built, supported by boats, between Punta della Dogana and Santa Maria del Giglio

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