Historic Venice Coffee Shop, an authentic Venetian tradition - Venice Italy

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Historic Venice Coffee Shop, an authentic Venetian tradition

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Take a coffee in one of the historic coffee shops

The cafes in Venice are part of the tradition of the city. In these rooms they met local coffee houses met artists, nobles, professionals and politicians. You can certainly say that part of the history of Venice was decided in the cafes.
The first coffee ("Botega", as it was called) was opened by Turkish traders in Piazza San Marco under the Procuratie Nuove. Given the success in a short time it opened more than 200 coffe shop throughout the city including 24 alone in Piazza San Marco.

In 1720 was opened the Cafe Florian as "The Venice Triumphant" by Floriano Francesconi, from which later took its final name.
The Caffè Florian has become famous not only in Venice, but throughout Italy and boasted a long line of illustrious clients such as Giacomo Casanova, Carlo Goldoni, but Lord Byron and Silvio Pellico.
It  was restored in period style in 1858 and since then remains in its atmosphere.
Like other rooms in Piazza San Marco offers its customers the outdoor musical entertainment, which involves a price increase on beverages.

Other important historic Coffee located in Piazza San Marco is the Gran Caffè Quadri who began his career in 1775 under the Procuratie Vecchie.
In 1830 the local was expanded by purchasing the upper floor that was used as a restaurant.

Situated in the sunniest corner of Piazza San Marco, at the foot of the Clock Tower, in front of the Basilica, the Caffé Lavena is, since 1750, one of the most famous coffee shops in Venice.
It was Carlo Lavena, who took over the management of the premises in 1860, to give prestige to this coffee boutique. He changed the name of the business, but was careful to preserve the architecture and refined furnishings of earlier times. Thanks to his personality and culture, attracted to the Café a wide circle of artists and musicians, including the great Richard Wagner.

Much more recently but with the same prestige as of others is Harry's Bar, founded by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931 at Calle Vallaresso near Piazza San Marco. It boasts many illustrious guests, including Ernest Hemingway, who between 1949 and 1950 he became a regular customer with a reserved table.

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