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Historical Regatta, great event in Venice

Major events


It is held the first Sunday in September and is the main event on the sport of rowing to the Venetian.
This year will take place on September 1, 2013

This is the most traditional event in Venice.
Born in 1315 to celebrate the greatness of the Serenissima Republic.

In the first part of the day Historical Parade is held in memory of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, who arrived in Venice in 1489, to donate their own island in Venice.

Historical Regatta, the parade

A parade of dozens of colorful boats, typical sixteenth century, with gondoliers in costumes, carrying the Duke, Duchess and all the highest offices of the Venetian officials, in a faithful reconstruction of the glorious past of one of the Maritime Republics of the most powerful and influential the Mediterranean.

Historical regatta 2012

The races are the second and most important part of the event.
In order:
1 - race of the youngest of two oars pupparini
2 - race of women on mascareta
3 - race of the caorline with six oars
4 - The most important race of the best athletes on the "gondolas" with 2 paddles

The route of the race starts from the Gardens of the Biennale.
This section until the entrance on the Grand Canal is the most important part of the competition, it is uncommon that the positions will change after the Accademia Bridge.
At the other end of the Grand Canal there is another exciting moment of the race on lap of the "paleto" when the boats have to turn around a pole stuck in the water before turning back to the finish in front of Ca 'Foscari.
The target is placed on a floating stage called "machina"

The top four ranked teams receive, in addition to cash prizes, the traditional and symbolic flags. The first is assigned the prestigious red flags, followed by white, green and blue.
I colori delle barche da competizione

The boats used for racing are characterized not only by a number, but also from the hulls entirely painted in different colors, which formerly distinguished the various areas of Venice and the lagoon. The number identifies the position for the boat to keep at the alignment starts and is assigned to each crew by drawing lots. The combination of number and color of the boat is fixed, according to the following table
Number Color Number Color
1 White         6 Green
2 Yellow        7 Orange
3 Purple        8 Pink
4 Light blue   9 Brown
5 Red

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Historical regatta  - caorline with six oars

The historical regatta can be seen standing along the banks of the Grand Canal.
You also can watch the race from sitting comfortably from the floating platform near San Toma.
The floating platfrom is located in one of the most beautiful and spectacular point of the  race along the Grand Canal, allows us to follow the event seeing pass twice all four races (outbound and return after the turn of the "paleto"), and of course the historical parade and other events, with a perfect view over the finishing line in front of Ca 'Foscari and the "machina".
You can also take a guided tour to know the origins of this tradition and also match the guided tour with one place in the platform.
The prices for non-residents in the municipality of Venice are 45 euro for the post in the platform (22.5 reduced and free for children up to 6 years), 25 euros for the tour and 60 euros for the combined visit + platform (40 reduced and free for children under six years old).
The tickets can be book on-line at the address: http://www.geticket.it/default/biglietteria/?id=26178
To purchase tickets by phone please call Hello Venice +39 041 2424

The main race of two-oared gondolas was won in 2012 by cousins Vignotto

The next edition will be held on September 7, 2014

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