Venice Jewish Ghetto, the original - Venice Italy

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Venice Jewish Ghetto, the original

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Venice Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish ghetto in Venice, which is located in the Cannaregio is one of the oldest in Europe.
The name derives from the presence in the area of ​​foundries, hence the term "getto" (operation done in the fusion of metal) which became ghetto.
The Jews have always been present in the territory of the Republic and well tolerated, but in 1516 the government decreed that were required to reside in the area of the ghetto. This created a precedent, then sadly used in many European cities.
The district is located not far from the train station and is one of the best preserved. Taking a stroll through narrow streets and squares will be transported in an atmosphere of times past.
In the ghetto there are several synagogues and the Jewish Museum.
As the community grew, and was forbidden to build to Jews, the only possible solution was raised existing homes. Despite the elevations, since the increase in population, three ghettos were built adjacent to one another, Ghetto Nuovo, Ghetto Vecchio and Ghetto Nuovissimo

Venice Jewish ghetto
Venice Jewish Ghetto
Venice Jewish Ghetto
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