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The city of Treviso in the Veneto Italy plain rises to about 30 km from Venice in an area full of rivers and canals. The city in its Old Town has medioeval characteristic that, combined with the presence of water gives lovely views, especially at dusk.  
Water has also inspired Dante in his Divine Comedy, in reference to Treviso states "dove Sile e Cagnan s'accompagnano" where the river Sile meets the river Cagnan.

Treviso is an elegant city, capital of one of the richest provinces of Italy, one of the best places to live in Italy
The main central streets are surrounded by arcades in which there are many shops. The pedestrian area is always animated by the comings and goings of residents and visitors.
Central point of the city is the Piazza dei Signori, from always its cultural, historical and social center
Piazza dei Signori, whose name is due to the presence here of the palaces of the lordship of Treviso, overlook some of the most important buildings of the city such
- The Palace of the Prefecture, with the Civic Tower, once the seat of the Signoria, which dates from the thirteenth century, but underwent many changes over the centuries.
- The "Palazzo dei Trecento," thirteenth-century ancient residence of the Great Council.
Another remarkable building is the Loggia dei Cavalieri

Treviso, Veneto Italy

Veneto Italy - Treviso
Veneto Italy - Treviso
Veneto Italy - Treviso
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