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Venetian villas

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Venetian Villas in Veneto Italy

Between the fourteenth and fifteenth century there is increasing interest in the Venetian nobles to acquire land holdings in the Venetian countryside, also for the investment of considerable revenue from traffic by sea.
Soon these estates were started to become farms profitable.
Is in this context that born and grow up the Venetian Villa, combining luxury and representativeness of the great families with  the need for suitable space to carry out the work and the storage of agricultural tools.
These two elements, cities and countryside, integrated in Venetian villa, make live together stylistic elements of both environment.
The villas became increasingly fashionable, and urged families to spend vast fortunes to build more and more beautiful with the aim of rivaling even with the palace of Versailles and the King of France.
The building of the villa lost its rustic connotations, increasing in size, equaling to the magnificence of the buildings inside the city, is also enriched by extensive gardens lush with exotic plants and hedges to drawing, where he created complex waterworks.

The typical Venetian villa is normally included in a large agricultural estate. They were not intended solely for the amusement of the owners as were the Medici villas in Tuscany and the Roman villas, but they were - first of all - the core of the production complex.
Surrounded by vast expanses of cultivated fields and vineyards, the villas included warehouses, barns and warehouses for agricultural work. Usually have wings, the outbuildings, for containing the working environments, rationally dividing the space of the central body, for the owners, from the workers, so as not to overlap the different activities. The central body is in turn divided in the vertical direction, where each floor performs different functions.

Palladian villas

The Palladian Villas are a collection of Venetian villas (the territory of the Republic of Venice), concentrated mostly in the province of Vicenza, built in the mid-sixteenth century by Andrea Palladio for the leading families of the place, especially aristocrats but even some members of the upper class of the Venetian Republic.

Together with the city of Vicenza, 24 Palladian Villas of the Veneto were included, between 1994 and 1996, the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site
Le 24 ville palladiane del Veneto riportate nell'elenco dell'UNESCO:

   * Villa Almerico Capra, detta La Rotonda (Vicenza)
   * Villa Gazzotti Grimani (Vicenza, località Bertesina)
   * Villa Angarano, conosciuta anche come Villa Bianchi Michiel (Bassano del Grappa, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Caldogno (Caldogno, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Chiericati (Vancimuglio di Grumolo delle Abbadesse, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Forni Cerato (Montecchio Precalcino, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Godi (Lonedo di Lugo di Vicenza, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Pisani (Bagnolo di Lonigo, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Pojana (Pojana Maggiore, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Saraceno (Agugliaro, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Thiene (Quinto Vicentino, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Trissino (Meledo di Sarego, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Trissino (Vicenza, località Cricoli)
   * Villa Valmarana (Lisiera di Bolzano Vicentino, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Valmarana (Vigardolo di Monticello Conte Otto, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Piovene (Lugo di Vicenza, provincia di Vicenza)
   * Villa Badoer, detta La Badoera (Fratta Polesine, provincia di Rovigo)
   * Villa Barbaro (Maser, provincia di Treviso)
   * Villa Emo (Vedelago, provincia di Treviso)
   * Villa Zeno (Cessalto, provincia di Treviso)
   * Villa Foscari, detta La Malcontenta (Mira, provincia di Venezia)
   * Villa Pisani (Montagnana, provincia di Padova)
   * Villa Cornaro (Piombino Dese, provincia di Padova)
   * Villa Serego (Santa Sofia di Pedemonte di San Pietro in Cariano, provincia di Verona)

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