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Venice shops, guide to shopping

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Go shopping in Venice can be a fun and interesting experience, especially for the quantity and quality of the products for sale.
Alongside the stalls and souvenir stores, you can find high quality products for every budget and every taste in a wide variety of shops in Venice.
Shops are generally open from 9.30 am to 19.30 pm.
The goods for sale are usually part of the Made in Italy known all over the world and come sometimes from other parts of Italy, as for fashion and accessories, but they are often products of local manufacturers of high quality that reflect local traditions directly from the times of the Serenissima Republic as, for example, the production of precious fabrics or the Murano glass


The forcola is a functional object, tailor made for those who use it, and assumes particular forms according to the type of boat on which it is mounted.
Due to its peculiar aesthetic qualities, the forcola is recognized as a true work of art, an elegant sculpture. You can buy forcole in real size or small-scale to be placed as valuable objects of furniture in your home or office, and to give as gifts for important occasions.
Piero Dri, also known as Il Forcolaio Matto (crazy) will be happy to assist you in your lab that you will find in Strada Nova near the church of Santa Sofia (

Go shopping in Venice - Forcola

Venice, for its history as a bridge between East and West, has always been in contact with products sourced from the Far East
Soon arose a local production of these products, such as the production of fabrics and silks on the Eastern model.
Maximum expression of this type of product is the firm  Rubelli (, located in the Grand Canal, Palazzo Corner Spinelli in San Marco 3877.
But other companies also produce this type of product, such as Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua in Santa Croce 1320 ( that creates still a part of his woven by hand on looms original eighteenth and nineteenth century.
Another important company in this sector is Venetia Studium in San Marco 2425 (, which in addition to creating a wide range of furnishings and clothing accessories, tapestries, pillows, bags also produces Fortuny lamps with silk and glass


Although the Murano glasses are sold in various shops in the city, is much more evocative and interesting to go directly to the island of Murano (line 12  navigation from Fondamenta Nuove stop) where you can also see demonstrations in the various furnaces, of the art of glass blowing, this ancient art,  here from over 700 years.
Each furnace has its own showroom where you can buy products in glass of various types, from traditional products to the more modern and stylish. To mention only a few glassworks, we remember, Venini, Moretti, Seguso.
Are produced genuine sculptures in glass, ornamental glass, lamps, chandeliers, glasses and vases.
A particular production is that of glass jewelry, genuine Venetian beads of which the company Antica Murrina is one of the largest producers and whose products are found in various shops throughout the city.
In the city there are other workshops of glass jewelry. A special shop is Zora Gallery (Calle San Marco 2407 Calle della Cicogna, side street of Calle XXII Marzo), in one of the most romantic and photographed corner in Venice. In this house lived Isabella T. Albrizzi 1760-1836, whose cenacle was frequented by artists and literary of that age such as Ugo Foscolo and Lord Byron.


Many prestigious fashion brands in the world have opened a store in Venice, which, given its constant stream of visitors from all over the world, is a showcase for their products. To name but a few, we can find shops of Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Versace, Etro, Scervino, Valentino.
These shops are located in the area adjacent to the Piazza San Marco, leaving the square having the entrance to the Basilica behind, in Calle Larga Ascension, Frezzeria, Calle Vallaresso, Salizada San Moise, Calle Larga XXII Marzo following the direction to Accademia.
Another important  shopping area can be found, leaving Piazza San Marco from under the Clock Tower  towards Rialto, in Merceria dell'Orologio, Merceria San Zulin e Merceria San salvador. There are numerous fashion shops and accessories at more affordable prices, and also many souvenir shops.


prestigious Another production Venice are the jewels, along elements of tradition and beauty. Under the arcades of Piazza San Marco, we can find some of these jewelry stores such as Nardi, jewelers since 1920 that continue production with originality, but in true Venetian style.
How can we forget the jewelry Missaglia, founded in 1846 that creates jewelry with a capacity, using traditional techniques that have made Venice famous throughout the world for this production.
The jewelry Rocca, in Salizada St. Moses, in the heart of luxury Venetian offers a contemporary production of famous designers such as Damiani.


For connoisseurs and for the most discerning, there are antique shops skilled in Campo San Maurizio. To try to conclude a bargain, you should rely on markets that are held at various times of the year, in Venice and the surrounding area. In Venice, there is a market of Campo San Maurizio, held on various dates throughout the year. For 2012, the next dates will be on 14-15-16 December.
As mentioned in the ancient books page, Venice has always been linked to this production. In the various libraries you can find rare and ancient editions.
In Libreria Emiliana, near Campo San Luca you can find ancient and modern books on the ancient history of Venice.
In Calle della Mandola (San Marco 3717 / d) in Libreria Linea d'acqua are specialized in Venetian culture and Venetian editions in general, with a particular interest in illustrated books of the eighteenth century.
The Legatoria (bindery) Piazzesi in Campiello della Feltrina, 2511 / c, the oldest of its kind, still retains the style of its foundation in 1851 of real shop of the paper.


Finally, it is worth remembering the wide assortment of carnival masks, which can be used as decorative items for the house and a full production of costumes.
Throughout Venice are stores that offer for sale this kind of products, often of fine workmanship.
You can find more information at Venetian masks

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Venice Shops

Palazzo Corner Spinelli sede Rubelli
Tessuti Bevilacqua Venezia
Venice shops - Murano glass
Zora shop Venezia
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Venice shops - high fashion
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