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Venice weather, weather in Veneto

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The weather in Venice is characterized by mild, wet winters and summers hot and sultry.
The periods with the most rainfall are in spring and autumn.
Temperatures in winter are close to zero at night and by day, ranging from 5 to 10 degrees.
In autumn there are often fog, especially in the month of November.
In the summer,  temperatures frequently exceed 30 degrees and the humidity is high enough.
They finds relief in the narrow streets where the sun does not come.

Regarding the Venice weather deserves a separate mention the phenomenon of the tides.

In the Venice lagoon is a phenomenon that occurs frequently from locals called "acqua alta" (high water).
These natural phenomena occurs more often in fall and spring and cause the flooding of parts of the city inhabited.
They are mainly due to heavy sirocco winds blow from south to north along the Adriatic Sea and impede the smooth flow of water from the lagoon to the open sea.
Normally the trip between high and low tide are about 60-70 cm.
At certain times there have been exceptional peaks, the highest levels recorded were as follows:

+194 Cm November 4, 1966
+166 Cm December 22, 1979
+158 Cm 1 February 1986
+156 Cm 1 December 2008

Normally for the tourist high water is not a problem, but rather an opportunity for a unique experience.
However, for the peace of mind you can visit the tides prediction of the City of Venice

To combat this problem, the MOSE is under construction

Venice weather

Venice weather - high water

The weather in Veneto, the region where Venice is located, is divided generally into three climatic zones characterized by the conformation of the territory.
The first is the mountain strip, corresponding to the province of Belluno. Here the winters are severe with frequent snowfall, and summers are relatively cool with rainfall.
The second strip is the piedmont area, including the provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Padua. Here the climate is semi-continental with cold winters, humid summers and warm and sultry. The nearby mountains are often able to block storm systems from Northern Europe.
The third band corresponds to the Venetian coast, and coincides with the province of Venice.
Here the weather is less cold in winter but quite wet and the summers are hot and sultry.

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