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Best of what to do in Venice

City guide

What to do in Venice

In the space of this page will not want to give you a simple list of monuments or Venice places to visit, but would like to suggest some simple activities, things to do in Venice, to get in tune with the city and its inhabitants.

Certainly, in Venice, monuments, museums, places to visit are also fundamental in this city.
You can find the review of the monuments,  at the page "Venice attractions"

Best of what to do in Venice, top ten things to do in Venice


In its millenary history Venice developed craft skills that exist only in this city, Examples are the boatyards for the construction of the gondolas (squeri), laboratories for the production of oarlocks (forcole) and oars, and those of the glassmakers of Murano.

- Visit a boatyard

The boatyard Santrovaso is one of the few still active and operates in the construction and repair of small wooden boats in the lagoon and in particular on the gondolas.
has been active since 1600 and, somewhat strange, it looks like a mountain home, This is because the original wood and builders came from the mountain region of Cadore.
For more information visit
Another interesting place is the Tramontin boatyard located in Dorsoduro 1542. Founded in 1884, has many famous clients and exports all over the world.
The founder, Domenico Tramontin, has helped to make improvements to the gondola built up to that point.

What to do in Venice - St. Trovaso boatyard

- Oarlocks (forcole) and oars

The forcola is the oarlock of a Venetian boat. it is the indispensable element for the Venetian rowing, which transmits the force exerted by oar to the boat, allowing it to move forward. The forcola exists only in Venice, and is why that, visit the workshop of a "remer", the manufacturer of oars and forcole as it is called by the Venetians, is unique and engaging. There are different types of forcole, for each type of boat, made of a single piece of walnut wood. In Cannaregio, in the Strada Nova next to the church of Saint Sophia, you will find the workshop of Piero Dri, the youngest remer of Venice (

- Visit a workshop in Murano glass

I think that to watch the production of glass is a must for visitors to Venice for the first time.
is one of the many islands of the lagoon of Venice, one of the closest and therefore more easily accessible.
It may also be an opportunity to buy interesting artefacts in glass, some pieces of value, and not to be confused with inferior products in the Far East.

Venice guide - Murano glass

- Cycling in Venice

It seems impossible, because within the territory of city of Venice is prohibited the circulation of all means, including bicycles.
But with a little imagination and some money, you can turn your bicycle in an aquatic medium and  pedaling quietly over the canals of Venice
The kit for the transformation that cost about 900 euro is available on

Things to do in Venice - cycling

- Getting lost in the misty streets

It can be an interesting experience to get lost and discover new landmarks plunging into a hushed atmopsfera.
Suddenly will emerge from the fog monuments
and unique architectural features of great beauty.

Cosa fare a Venezia - camminare nella nebbia

- Tour of wine bar (bacari)

Make like the locals and make the rounds of some wine bars to taste some ready meals (see restaurants) accompanied by classical ombretta (glass of wine).
This is a local custom especially common until a few years ago on feast days, when they worked hard. Be careful not to drink too much.

- Climb the bell tower

From the top you can admire the memorable landscape of the city and lagoon in the background and, in clear days you can see mountains in distance also.
You can buy a ticket ( the cost is 3 euros) to take the elevator to the top of the tower, located in front of the Basilica

What to do in Venice - Visit St. Mark Square

- Visit the Rialto market

To known the full Venetian culture require e visit to Rialto market. This market has existed from a thousand years.
You can see through the colorful and picturesque stalls, Venetians make purchases of fruit and vegetables, but most of the fish, which is almost a religion here.

What to do in Venice - visit Rialto market

- Dinner and evening walk

After dinner in some restaurant, a good area is Via Garibaldi in Castello area, you can get out and walk in the soft light of lanterns.
You can safely leave the busiest streets, and wander the streets and squares in search of evocative images from the incomparable charm.
The city at night is quiet and there were no particularly unpleasant incidents against tourists

- Venetian rowing lessons

It can be very fun and interesting to spend some time to take lessons of Venetian rowing.
This type of rowing has a proper style, standing and facing forward and rowing using a long oar which rests on a special wooden dowel called  "forcola
You can learn to recognize the different types of rowing boats that are used in the lagoon and visit interesting places in the lagoon.
The cost is definitely lower than a normal ride in a gondola.

What to do in Venice - Venetian rowing

- Learning to recognize the typical boats of the Venetian lagoon

The lagoon and Venice are crossed in all directions from a multitude of boats of various kinds. Many of them date back to ancient traditions. Recognize, understand the use, for example, to transport persons or goods, can be a fun pastime.
Among the traditional boats include:

    * Batela
    * Balòtina Gondolin
    * Barcheta
    * Cofano
    * Gondola

    * Gondolone
    * Mascareta
    * Pupparini
    * Sanpieròta
    * Sandolo
    * Topo
    * Topo Ciosoto
    * Topa
    * Topetta

What to do in Venice - different boat types

- Visit Burano and Torcello

Walking the streets of Burano. Visit Burano is something unique: it is not very crowded, the houses are colorful and walk among its streets certainly puts in a good mood. The island is also famous for its handmade lace.
Visiting the island of Torcello: right in front of Burano is the island of Torcello. This is the cradle of Venetian civilization
, here were the first urban settlements in the lagoon, houses and churches built by the Venetian people fleeing the barbarian invasions. Over the centuries, due to problems of unhealthiness of the area was gradually abandoned. Today are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, dating from the seventh century, the Church of Santa Fosca, the interesting Museum of Torcello, and the curious stone seat known as the "Throne of Attila".
The islands are accessible by boat route. You can take line 12 from the stop Fondamente Nine departures throughout the day to minutes 10 and 40 per hour. To Torcello will take the line 9 from Burano.

Venice guide - Murano glass

- Take a coffee

Take a coffee in one of the historical coffee shops of Piazza San Marco (see Historical Coffee Shops) enjoying the atmosphere of past times, listening to the notes the orchestra that plays for you.

Venice guide - historical coffee shops

-  Kayaking tours
Venice Kayak is a young dynamic company, founded in 2007 from Marco Ballarin, Venetian DOC and Master of the Italian Federation of Canoe Kayak (FICK) and René Seindal, Danish, historian by education and Kayak Instructor for passion (EPP 3 - European Paddle Pass). In Venice boats mean more than cars, canals more than roads, and the only way one can say to have experienced the real Venice, is to have meandered the canals of the city and the lagoon by boat, and what better way to do that than by kayak. Venice Kayak offers a variety of kayaking tours in and around Venice: full day and half day trips through Venice, in a group or as a private tour; amazing evening paddles down the Canal Grande; lagoon tours to Burano, Torcello and San Francesco del Deserto; and multi-day packages for groups and kayaking clubs. All tours are lead by skilled and experienced guides. All tours start and end at our base on the Certosa island. (

What to do in Venice

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