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Caorle Italy, a venetian beach

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Caorle is a small coastal town in Eastern Veneto very pretty, which combines a traditional economy based on fishing with a large accommodation for bathing.
In the local landscape, we can distinguish various aspects: the 15 km long sandy beach divided between Eastern and Western Beach, the town center with quaint colorful houses dominated by the tower bell, the port channel that reaches right down town populated by numerous fishing boats, the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Angel, right by the sea.
In addition, the village of Porto Santa Margherita has a well equipped marina, while in the other direction, towards Trieste are the Caorle lagoon, inhabited by the "casoni", the typical house with a thatched roof, with its unspoilt countryside that inspired Ernest Hemingway who set his book "Across the river and Into the Trees".
Main element remains the sea, always rewarded with the European Blue Flag, that, for some distance, is divided  from the city by an artificial cliff.
The cliff, which starts from the shrine of Our Lady of the Angel, although not made by nature, it is pleasing to the eye and offers walks on the waterfront, especially in the evening. It protects the country from sea floods, and annually hosts the contest "Scogliera Viva" to decorate the rocks that compose it, with international artists.
The sanctuary is very popular with abitant, believe that protecting the city of Caorle from the sea.
Inside is the wooden statue of Our Lady of the Sea to replace the original of marble destroyed in 1923 and came, according to tradition, floating on the sea.
During the flood of 1727, many people took refuge inside the church. Although the water level outside was over two meters, not a drop of water penetrated inside the church.

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