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Venice guide to the city for tourists

City guide

About this Venice guide

In this guide to Venice you will find valuable information for a pleasant stay in this city.
Please read with attention all the individual chapters of the guide before starting travel to Venice, so be prepared and already mentally predisposed to savor every aspect.
We studied every single page, combining useful descriptions and information, with a series of explanatory Venice pictures of the topics covered. Only in this Venice tourist guide you can find the true spirit of Venice. Besides the usual tourist Venice attractions, we will present a new face of the city. With many original Venice photos, will show you the most hidden parts of the city. Images of Venice unique.
Venice photo gallery contains images of hidden corners of Venice, and Venice photo gallery 2 contains pictures of the major tourist attractions of Venice.

Venice photos,  carnival 2012

If you would like some photo in high quality from this guide, you can ask us via the contact page. We will gladly send it to you (for free) via e-mail

Romantic Venice images
Venice pictures - Salute
Nice place in Venice Italy
Nizioleto - street of veals
Venice guide

This is not to take away the pleasure of discovering the city, but to stimulate the search for new sensations. Because your trip to Venice, will become something more than a gondola ride.
We want here to give you an indication on how to read our guide to Venice and to use it better.
Venice is first of all cities with monuments (see page Venice Attractions
), museums (see page Museums and Exhibitions) and major events (see Major events).
For those with a little more time available we have included the pages of a short History of Venice and a review of some Famous Venetians.

Venice guide - experience the city

Venice is also a city to live, participating in the daily lives of inhabitants (What to do in Venice) by turning to shopping not only in tourist shops, but also buying high quality products such as glass and clothing, fabric art, ancient books, crafts (see pages Venice Shops, Ancient books).
Venice being a city with over a thousand years of history, it contains within itself many myths and legends and curiosities (see Curiosities
, Esoteric in Venice).  Not everyone knows that in 1902 the bell tower of St. Mark fell to the ground, or because of the curious name of a bridge in Venice, the Bridge of Tits, and because Ca' Dario and Ca' Mocenigo are the accursed palaces of Venice.

The nizioleti
, signs with street names written in black on a white rectangle painted on the wall, tell the story of the city, the daily life of its inhabitants, the moments of glory and the ones of  misery.       
Many have been in the history, the illustrious Venetians, among them, we include short biographies of Marco Polo, the famous explorer, Giacomo Casanova known for his seductive arts, and famous playwright Carlo Goldoni, known for the extensive use of Venetian dialect in his plays .
A special chapter is dedicated to the most important venetian event, the Venice carnival
In our Venice guide blog
we collect useful news for all those who love Venice.

Venice guide - local tastes

Especially for those coming from abroad, stay in Venice is a good opportunity to enjoy Italian cuisine paired with fine wines, we have tried  to  treat in Chapter Tastes of Venice.
In the historic center of Venice, you will find restaurants and taverns for every need. From local historical often with a menu based on fish, to traditional local family, not to mention the cichetterie where to stop at the bar and enjoy ready meals accompanied by the inevitable prosecco, the sparkling wine produced in the countryside in the province of Treviso, near Venice, and famous all over the world.
In addition, you will experience the local color in the local dialect
page that will introduce you to the secrets of this speech.

Venice guide - for young people

To whom, then, seeks the romantic Venice, there are the gondola rides, drink something in a Historical cofee Shop, a page devoted to wedding in Venice or a romantic dinner.

Venice guide - romantic atmosphere

To whom, then, seeks the romantic Venice, there are the gondola rides, drink something in a Historical cofee Shop, a page devoted to wedding in Venice or a romantic dinner.

Odd signal
Historical restaurant
Venetian frieze

Venice guide - surroundings

Venice is also closely linked to the territory since the times of the Serenissima Republic. That's why you can not talk of Venice without talking of the Veneto. You'll find all the information you need to know the region.
Its cities: Verona, Padua, Vicenza, Belluno;
Its territory, mountains (Dolomites and Cortina), beaches (Jesolo, Caorle), its hills and countryside (Riviera del Brenta, Venetian villas, Asolo, Valdobbiadene).
In your trip to Venice, besides the town we must also think about the whole lagoon system.
The lagoon is a special place, with almost uninhabited islands far from the crowd as Mazzorbo or Sant'Erasmo, devoted to agriculture for centuries, and other islands rich in history as Torcello, the cradle of Venetian civilization and Burano
the colorful island of laces
To explain the atmosphere of this island, there is nothing better than a collection of Burano Venice photos.

Veneto Italy, Padua
Venice images - Burano
Venice photos - Torcello
Venice - big ship in lagoon
Venice pictures - Ponte delle guglie
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