San Marco belfry collapse - Venice Italy

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San Marco belfry collapse



Venice curiosities

In July of 1902 on the north wall of the building was reported the presence of a dangerous fissure in the following days increased in size until the morning of Monday, July 14 at 9:47 the bell tower collapsed (other sources indicate the hours of 9:52).
There were no casualties, and given the location of the building, the damage was relatively limited. It was destroyed completely the Loggia at the base of the tower and a corner of Sansovino's library. The "piera of the call," a stout trunk of the column of porphyry, which were banned at the time of the republic laws, protected from the debris the corner of the Basilica of San Marco, saving it from collapse. In the evening the city council, convened an emergency, decided on the reconstruction and the amount of 500,000 lirewas allocating as contribute to the work. Mayor Filippo Grimani during a speech at the laying of the cornerstone, April 25, 1903, uttered the famous phrase several times "where it was and as it was"

The bell tower of San Marco is a symbol of the city of Venice. The Venetians call him affectionately "El paron de caxa""  (The landlord).

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