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The Port of Venice

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Venice is the first home port for cruises in the Mediterranean. The Port of Venice is able to host throughout the year, any type of cruise ship.
Due to its characteristics, Venice is the ideal starting point for cruises.
When you approach Venice by car or train, you will always see the unmistakable silhouette of some cruise ships moored in the harbor, with their size characterize the landscape
Transit aboard a large ship in the Giudecca Canal is a unique experience.
From the ship, you can overlooking the whole of Venice and enjoy a unique view.
Furthermore, on the ground, a short distance from the port, there is a unique artistic heritage.
In 2010, in Venice they boarded more than a half million cruise passengers, and Venice was the first home port of the Mediterranean, the third passenger port in Europe and eleventh in the world.
The port also has a strong commercial activity and a large ferry traffic, especially with Greece.
Moreover, the greatness of Venice in the past is due to its ships and its port, always an integral part of the city

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To combat the high water damage, from some years, is being built the MOSE project.
This project aims, through the creation of a series of movable dams to three mouths of the Venetian Lagoon to the Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia, to stop the tides in excess of 110 cm and up to a maximum of 300 cm.
At this major project were complemented by a series of complementary works such as strengthening of the coasts and the raising of banks and pavements to safeguard Venice and its monuments from this dangerous phenomenon.
Work began in 2003 after twenty years of discussions and projects.
Today it is difficult to predict a completion date of work, it is thought a few more years.
The estimated cost of the work is about 5 billion euros.
It should be noted that this project has always been opposed by ambiantalisti movements, because they believe that the use of movable bulkheads could damage the ecosystem in the lagoon.
After the recent disaster of the ship Costa Concordia, to avoid similar problems, it is considered to prohibit the transit through the Giudecca Canal to large ships and to build a terminal for cruise ships at the Moses. Currently it is only a hypothesis under discussion.

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