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Riviera del Brenta

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As reported in the historical notes at the beginning of the fifteenth century, many noble Venetians acquired land and began building houses in the countryside around Venice.
One of the most choices area is known as the Riviera del Brenta, which follows the course of the Brenta Canal, former Old Brenta from Stra to the mouth of the lagoon to Fusina.
The Naviglio thus became an important communication route between Venice and Padua, and in his area there are many villas are built between the sixteenth and eighteenth century, reflecting the power of the Venetian nobility of the time.
The roads had not yet been built. To transport the nobles was used a boat, called Burchiello, whose characteristic was to be towed from the shore by animals.
The goods were transported by boats called Burci.
There are motor boats that cover this route, doing revive, to passengers, the atmosphere of yesteryear. Frequently, it can see private boats, mostly owned by people from the north Europe, going up or down along the canal, mooring to visit the villas, and waiting patiently for the opening hours of the bridges that are on the way.
The territory is distributed in several municipalities from west to east are Strà Fiesso, Dolo, Mira, Oriago.
The main villas in this little venetial Valley of the Loire area are Villa Pisani at Strà and Villa Widmann-Rezzonico at Mira.

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