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The Feast of the Redeemer, which take places usually the third Saturday of July,  is one of the holidays more sincerely felt by locals, in which live the religious aspect and the spectacular, thanks to the spectacular fireworks on the night of Saturday, attracts thousands of visitors: the unbeatable backdrop of Basin St. Mark plays of light and reflections produce a kaleidoscope of color that stands behind the steeples, domes and bell towers of the city.

Tradition says that at sunset the boats, decorated and well-lit, begin congregating in Saint Mark's Basin and the Giudecca Canal. By boat you consume a hearty dinner of traditional Venetian dishes waiting for the fireworks show, which starts at 23.30 and lasts until after midnight.

The celebrations for the Feast of the Redeemer will be held in 2013 on 20 July. The highlight will be as usual with a fireworks show that will take place in the Basin of San Marco on the night of July 20th, beginning at 23.30.

The feast was established as a thanksgiving for the end of the plague of 1576, the year in which it was decided the construction of the Basilica of the Most Holy Redeemer on the island of Giudecca. It was completed in 1592 by architect Andrea Palladio.
It is construct a floating bridge that connects the Punta della Dogana with the island, on which unfolds the procession of the faithful, who reach the Church of the Redeemer on the Giudecca.

Venice Feast of the Redeemer 2012- Fireworks
Venice - Fireworks for the Redeemer 2012
Venice - Fireworks in St. Mark's Basin
Venice - Fireworks over St. George Island
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