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Venice wines, tastes of

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Venice wines

Throughout the Veneto region where Venice is located, there are many high quality wines, both white and red.
Around Venice there are many areas renowned for the production of wine, among the major include: Wines of the Piave, which includes several municipalities in the province of Treviso and Venice, the area Lison-Pramaggiore composed of several municipalities in the province of Treviso, Venice and Pordenone and Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area in the province of Treviso.
In this last area, among the white wines prosecco deserves special attention. The sparkling wine produced in the province of Treviso in the area takes its name Cartizze Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze.
The sparkling wine and 'a wine that can be dry or sweet, crisp and fruity. The dry type is good for fish dish.
It is better to avoid drinking sparkling wine on tap because it's normal wine with added carbon dioxide.

Besides wine, another product of the area, very important is "grappa" a kind of  brandy, distilled from grapes.
High-quality products are "Prime Uve" black or white depending on whether distilled from grape vines white or black.
Another product really good is Storica.

Venice wines
Venice wines


One other important local product among the alcoholic beverages is the Bellini, a cocktail made from white wine and peach juice.
This cocktail was invented in 1950 by Arrigo Cipriani, owner of Harry's Bar in Venice on the occasion of the inauguration of an exhibition of the painter Giovanni Bellini.
The original recipe included champagne, white peach juice and a bit of raspberry juice to give the pink color is known.
Normally instead of Champagne, you can use the locsl wine named prosecco.
The Bellini is often found in commercially prepared small bottles well designed and imaginative.

The aperitif called Spritz is certainly the most popular in the Veneto and Venice. It is, in essence, "sparkling wine" mixed with tonic water with the addition of natural flavors and an olive or a slice of orange.
The origin of this drink is very uncertain, but it seems to have been the Austrian soldiers, during the Italian occupation of one hundred and fifty years ago, starting to mix the wine with water.
The most common current recipe is:
Here are the ingredients:
2 parts Aperol,
3 parts Prosecco
Splash of seltzer or soda.
Half slice of orange

It is traditional, especially among young people meet in the evening, especially on weekends, to drink spritz in bars while chatting with friends.
This practice involves some of the neighboring villages in mainland, particularly Mirano.
Usually the cost is 2 euros and a half.


Used as a digestive after a meal or after a pizza or as an interlude between the first and second course in a meal of fish.
consists of lemon sorbet, with the addition of sparkling wine and vodka. The sgroppino is native to the Veneto (sgropin). These sources seem to be rooted in the ongoing trade between the Maritime Republic of Venice and the East. In the 16th century the sgroppino makes his first official appearance as a recipe also on the boards of the noble Venetian aristocrats, to prepare the palate for the taste of different dishes.


At the end of March will be held in Verona, in the space of Verona Fiere, the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to wine, VINITALY.
This event fits perfectly into the territory of Veneto in Italy, a land of great wine producers and competent connoisseurs of this precious drink.
To give an idea of the importance of this event are enough a few numbers:

95000 square meters of exhibition
4000 exhibitors from 4 continents
150000 visitors in 2011
2600 journalists accredited in 2011

This is a real competition, a world championship of enology.

The first edition, under the name of Italian Wine Days, held in 1967.
Since then the event has grown to become an international obligatory date for operators in the sector.

From this year was complemented by an exhibition dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines named VIVIT, Vineyards, Winemakers and Territory.

The event will take place between 25 and 28 March 2012.

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