Chioggia, Little Venice - Venice Italy

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Chioggia, Little Venice

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Chioggia, the Little Venice
Located on a set of islands connected to mainland by a bridge, crossed by canals with bridges, dotted with narrow streets and squares is similar to Venice, so the nickname Little Venice.
Chioggia is located about 50 km daVenezia, between the Venetian Lagoon and the Po delta
The main channel from the point of view of tourism is the Canal Vena, crossed by nine bridges overlooked by palaces and churches, as in Venice.
The most known  bridge is Vigo Bridge, the last before the lagoon next to the square of the same name where, above a marble column, towers the Marciano Lion, symbol of the city.
Unfortunately, the Venetians have often laughed at this sign calling it "el gato" cat, due to its small size compared to the lion of San Marco. This has caused many fights between Venetians and inhabitants of Chioggia.
Carlo Goldoni lived for a time in Chioggia and set one of his best known works, "Le baruffe chiozzotte".
Like Venice, Chioggia also suffers from the phenomenon known as Acqua Alta, albeit with less media coverage.
Next to Chioggia, is the village of Sottomariana, with its long sandy beach.
The legend says that Chioggia was founded by Aquilio and Clodius, who fled with the mythical hero Aeneas from Troy after its destruction.
Aquilio and Clodius sailed in the Mediterranean and landed in the Veneto, where they founded the city of Padua, Aquileia, and Clodia, now Chioggia.
Chioggia is one of the most important fishing ports in the Adriatic.

Chioggia, The Little Venice (photo Sven Scharr)
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