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Venice cats, Venice pigeons


Venice Pigeons

Venice cats

Along the narrow city streets or squares, you can often find many cats that roam freely. They are beautiful and healthy well-fed by the ladies who take care of them.
Similarly, looking to the rooftops, you can see a multitude of pigeons that dominate the city.
The ratio of the Venetians with cats and pigeons is very narrow. The cats were at the time of the Serenissima used against rats and also embarked in ships to fight them. Unfortunately, during the plague, cats were too docile Venetians against the dreaded black mouse and lost their greatest battle.
What distinguishes a true Venetian by a tourist, is that the former does not dodge the pigeons, while tourists often lower their heads when they see one come in their direction.
It is forbidden to feed the pigeons outside the Piazza San Marco and it is allowed only buying the grain in the stalls.

Venice pigeons
Pigeons in Venice
Venice cat

Cats have always been a part of the city. The municipal regulation encourages the protection of colonies of cats by private citizens

Shelters for cats in Torcello
Venice cats
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